Iva Jewels is a luxury jewelry, direct to consumer brand, inspired by a professional, skilled in organizing client-centric events and promoting businesses on social media in luxury segments Anastasia Iva. Anastasia has a special talent in identifying clients' needs and thinking out of the box to devise innovative marketing strategies and operations to generate sales and amplify profits. Excellent professional communication skills and the ability to tackle puzzling digital marketing challenges have helped her gain market-wide relationships, and she strives to promote collaborative, comprehensive business approaches for enhanced profitability.


Anastasia Iva, besides having a strong background as a TV presenter and journalist, is passionate about precious stones and is a graduate at Colored Stones Program of the Gemologist Institute of America. She created Iva Jewels in order to fill the void in making custom jewelry easier, affordable and purchasing process a more accessible and seamless experience. With organizing jewelry educational events Iva Jewels will gather the best jewelers, brands, and collectors around the globe to share their knowledge and skills with the jewelry lovers.