Iva Jewels is a London based diamond and jewelry company. We are offering bespoke design for our customers and also jewelry already made in our showroom available for private appointment or you will be able to make purchase through our online shop. Our one to one service is suited for our clients personal taste and budget who is looking something unique and specific.Let our experienced professional jewelers assist you in transforming your thoughts into reality with our one to one design service. Our jewelers will guide you towards the creation of a unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry that you've always wanted to have, and will stick to your timescales and budget so that you're always on the happier side. We also provide consultations with our market specialists regarding investing in diamonds, precision stones and buying at auctions.
  • Our experts, advisers will help you to make a right choice buying diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.
  • Gemologist consultation is always available for free when purchasing diamond or any other unique pieces.
  • Shipping service is fully insured by Fedex.
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