Iva Jewels provides you with a one to one design service, where your bespoke jewellery design can be transformed from thoughts to reality. You will be provided with professional guidance towards the creation of your unique handcrafted piece by an in–house jeweller who will work to your individual budget and timescales to create a stunning piece of handmade jewellery. Anyone who has worn a luxurious, timeless piece of jewelry, whether it is a diamond necklace or a simple charm bracelet, have experienced the attention it attracts and the instant confidence boost it gives. Jewelry, being one of the most ancient forms of ornamentation, is also one of the most preferred modes of investment.
Whenever the markets crashed in the past decades, precious stones and jewelry have held their value and have proven to be one of the best and safe forms of investment. In 2019, the global luxury jewelry market alone amounted to about 21 billion euros, and the value of the jewelry market is expected to grow from 279 billion USD in 2018 to 480.5 billion USD by 2025.
Our aim is to bring transparency and education to the historically opaque diamond industry and have a lot of love doing it! Our customers are often making their first important jewelry purchase or exploring bridal jewelry for their future engagement ring.
All diamonds and colored stones are certified.
Why you should buy from us?
  • Showroom appointment in central London
  • Worldwide shipments
  • The highest quality diamonds and gemstones
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • First class service
  • Tax free shopping