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How to choose a ring for your partner

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Choosing an elegant, glittering ring that looks gorgeous on your future spouse’s finger can be a little time-consuming considering the types of precious gemstones available on the market. The hardest thing to do is to choose between a wide variety of shapes, sizes and cuts, but having a little idea about gemstones and great understanding of your partner will let you choose the best for her. Allow us to suggest some things to get the best ring for her!

1. Diamond is always the best

Diamond is not the rarest gemstone, but it's denser, more durable and gives a classic look than any other gemstones. It is the hardest mineral we've ever seen on earth, and that is exactly why you should consider a diamond ring - it should symbolize your everlasting love.

The quality of a diamond is graded according to what is known as the four Cs - cut, color, carat, and clarity.

● Cut determines the diamond's brilliance, the overall proportions and its ability to reflect light.

● Color ranges from colorless to yellow. Generally, the highest quality diamonds are colorless, but some colored stones are even higher in cost than diamonds.

● Carat represents the weight of the stone. HIgher carat means a more expensive diamond.

● Clarity is the quality that assesses small imperfections of the stone. Surface imperfections are called blemishes, and internal imperfections are called inclusions.

2. Know her taste.

Gemstones are available in a variety of visually ravishing shapes including round, oval, pear, heart, etc. and it is all about choosing the shape that matches your partner's taste.

● Round and princess cut are the most popular since they are brilliant and give a classic look.

● Heart and similar shaped stones look elegant and are good enough to make a statement.

● For multi-stone rings, go for oval, radiant or marquise shapes as the primary part. The elongated marquise and oval shapes will attract compliments in an instant.

3. Choose an appropriate stone size and pay attention to the grade of the cut.

The overall appearance of the stone is what matters the most. It should look pleasing, elegant and perfect on your partner,and she should feel proud and confident when wearing it. More importantly, she should feel proud of having you as her partner.

● Choose the correct stone size considering the ring size into account.

● Stones will appear larger on smaller fingers and smaller on larger fingers.

● Don’t prefer size over the grade of the cut. Perfectly cut stones look heavenly, and a bigger stone with a poor grade might not be as brilliant as a small but excellent grade stone.

To everlasting love and everlasting gemstones!

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